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Have you ever been in touch with a potential client to only have them say you’re too expensive? Have you ever had someone say they’d like to work with you buy you’re outside their budget?

And if so, has that ever made feel like you’re ready to go into panic mode and wonder if you should redo all your pricing? If so, today’s episode is for you.

Here’s the thing – just because someone say’s that you are too expensive it doesn’t mean that they won’t end up being a client. You can turn no’s to yes’s. The way to do this is really understand the person you’re speaking with and understand why they might be say this.

There are 4 reasons why someone might say you’re too expensive which is what I want us to dive deep into today.

#1 The first is that you actually really might be “too expensive.”

If you’re hearing this a lot in your business, take a look at your packages and do a real gut check. As yourself, are you delivering more value to your client than what you’re charging? People say yes when they think they’re receiving a lot of value – even if that means paying more for it. So, are you doing the best for your client without feeling like you’re giving away too much? You’ll know if you feel like you’re giving away too little or not. So, just do a gut check.

#2 They really can’t afford you.

The reality is that some people are genuinely going to have budget restrictions. They may love to work with you, but maybe what you quote them isn’t something that they can do right now. This doesn’t mean that you should take it personally. It just means that either you let them walk away – or you find a way where it could work for them. Is there a payment plan option that could make it easier for them? Could you tweak your packages in a way that gives them a starting point or entry to work with you?

#3 The person you’re speaking with may not be the best client for you.

I believe in signs. And sometimes if someone is quick to say I’m too expensive, I’ll also take into perspective who I’m talking to. Is this potential client someone that I’d ideally want to work with, or do I sense some red flags? Sometimes, some people really just do want the best deal and when we compromise to work with them, could regretting in the end.

#4 We haven’t communicated the value of what we’re delivering the best way possible.

Sometimes people may feel we’re too expensive if we haven’t done a good enough job of demonstrating enough value to them upfront. One way that I combat this is by trying to understand what’s actually really important to that potential client and how my services are a good match for them based on what is most important to them. Sometime we don’t know what people value until we ask. And, we want to make sure we can do a great job of communicating that we are the best one to help them get what they want.

Here’s the thing…

The longer in you’re business, I believe the more frequently you’re going to hear this. It’s definitely a bad thing. I mean, I’ve honestly, heard it more than you’ll ever know.

So what I’ve done is put together a handy checklist that you can go through next time you hear those words “you’re too expensive” or “you’re outside my budget.”

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