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Are You Hearing Potential Clients Say You’re Too Expensive?

  Have you ever been in touch with a potential client to only have them say you’re too expensive? Have you ever had someone say they’d like to work with you buy you’re outside their budget? And if so, has … Read More

5 Essential Elements of Your Website

  I’m guessing if you’re reading this, there’s a high probability that you already have your website in place… But, have you ever had that feeling that perhaps your website could be a bit better? I think so many of … Read More

Should you have a blog-

How important is a blog for your business?

Hey everyone! So, today we’ve got an exciting question from our Dreamers & Doers Mastermind Group. The question is: How important is a blog? I’ve been reading about a lot of people doing them, but I’m unsure if it would … Read More

Maximize Time

Should You Put Your Pricing On Your Website?

Today, we’re going talk about if your pricing should go on your website. Some people say heck no! Others say, of course! So which one is it? In this video, we’ll evaluate both sides of the coin so you can … Read More